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Stairway To Healing


Is to connect with you through spiritual teachings, healing, wisdom.  We'll be delving into a number of different topics all around spirituality as well as bringing on different healers, readers and seekers.

 It's a space for healing, for growing, and for supporting one another. We keep the podcast conversational; you'll feel like you're listening to an intimate conversation about whatever topic comes up. So far we have talked about Past Lives, Witches, and The Seasons of our Lives. We get REAL y'all. We are going to be bringing on a lot of amazing people from our community in the upcoming weeks too. We invite you this winter to snuggle up with your favorite cozy blanket and a warm beverage and have some conversations with us. Find us on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more! If you'd like to offer a topic of discussion or if you'd like to be on our podcast, please email us


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meet your hosts

Jenna Fontanez, C. Hyp and Sydney Hetrick

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