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Fear always popped up when I envisioned hypnotherapy. Past life regressions? How many of us can really be someone famous who has past? My fear turned into curiosity and feeling more open to trust and try after happening upon Jenna's website. What a benefit this has been to my life. She is a true Spiritual Healer able to sense and guide you on your journey whatever that might be. Jenna was the catalyst facilitating my growth of getting past some blockages. Her techniques are Calming, Gentle, Soothing, with a dusting of Mind blowing Wow factor. The list can go on. You feel safe and assured to learn something new about yourself and are given the guidance and tools to continue on your journey. Jenna is very supportive of her clients following up , checking in on you to see if anything else came up after your sessions. Needless to say I tried it all. Hypnotherapy, Past life regression, and Reiki with Jenna ending in great results and aspiration towards my future goals. She helped me to better understand myself and get out of my own way. And no I was not anyone famous in a past life I was me. Thank You Jenna such an honor to have you be a part of my journey of self discovery.


I had my very first Rapid Transformation Hypnosis session with Jenna today. Whoa! What a deep release I had during my session with her. And I’m not one to be able to even meditate nonetheless get hypnotized, but Jenna uses the newest and latest techniques and it is super powerful. She got me! It was such an intense experience. She tapped into and figured out root causes of why I am the way I am and together, we said goodbye to lots of negative things from my past. I recommend her 110%. She is a true healer and makes you feel so comfortable in her presence. Thank you again Jenna. I’m looking forward to new beginnings after our session.


I am completely blown away by my session with Jenna. I have been doing alot of self healing and I wanted to take it a step further by doing a past life regression therapy. I wanted someone local and I knew as soon as I came across Jenna at a recent expo that she was the one. I went into the session with no expectations and I couldn't believe how emotionally healing my experience was. I can't wait to see how this amazing soul helps me transform into the woman I know is tucked away inside of me. If you have been looking for someone to help you identify your blockages, then look no your session with Jenna you will be happy you did.❤



First time doing past life regression and my mind was blown! I had an amazing and meaningful experience with Jenna, would certainly recommend to anyone interested in past life regression. Jenna provides a Calm and supportive atmosphere, where she helps guide you with compassion and understanding through your session.

-Valita D.


Jenna's hypnotherapy was incredibly impactful! I utilize the customized audio recordings she made for me on a regular basis. I utilize them as a strengthening tool as well as a source of comfort. I so appreciated Jenna's keen intuition during our sessions. She was able to tap into things I was unable to articulate. I had never done this healing modality before and It really amazed me how transformational it has been! Jenna is such a natural healer as well as being incredibly talented in this modality! I feel incredibly grateful to have met Jenna and to have worked with her specifically on my healing journey! Thank you so much!

-Jennifer K.


I didn’t fully know what to expect going into my first session, part of me was skeptical, part nervous. After completing my session I realized Jenna truly is a healer and can help people, even myself. I’ve dealt with alcohol and drug addictions, and have been diagnosed with being bipolar with insomnia as well. The day after my session was the first day in a long I didn’t feel I needed a drug to make myself feel better. I didn’t need it anymore! Jenna’s extremely easy to talk to, I was immediately comforted in her presence. I truly recommend this to anyone struggling or stuck in life. I’m looking forward to my next session.
-Danielle S.

After reading and researching the benefits of hypnotherapy for anxiety, I decided to schedule an appointment to speak with a professional on helping my son reduce his nail biting. He is a 12 year old boy with extreme anxiety and selective mute. He has been struggling for years with nail biting. We have tried everything out there. He really wants to stop. I had my reservations and worries and Jenna calmly alleviated my concerns. The process is interesting and not a bit intimidating. She made him feel calm and comfortable. She gave him guidance and reassurance throughout the process. My son is even asking is she could help him in some other areas as well. 
-Larissa M. 

Jenna was wonderful during my hypnosis session with her! She walked me through each step and was very attentive and understanding. After suffering from bad anxiety for years, I decided to give Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy a try to see if it could help me address and understand my built-up fears and anxieties since childhood. Jenna helped me uncover these through my subconscious and learn more about my inner self. I was blown away by the session, and I'm super excited to see my continued progress. Jenna is super passionate about her work and is excited to see you live your best life!
-Lauren L.

My life after Jenna's has transformed me to the best version of me, she help me to get ride of addiction (alcohol). She is amazing her energy is a Real healer .
-Laurdes G. 

I recently received a Reiki session with Jenna, and she was nothing short of amazing! She’s very sweet, caring, and passionate about what she does. I felt such a big difference immediately after my session. I felt so much lighter, and happier, and saw things in a whole new light. I’m excited to work even further with her and the other services she offers. She is very good at what she does, you will not be disappointed.
-Stacey V.


My friends and I had a session with Jenna recently and all of us had a similar uplifting experience. We all felt negative energy being released within our bodies and moving outwards. 

In my case, I have been experiencing pain in my ankle from an injury last year on a daily basis. I felt relief immediately and for days afterwards. I can finally take a walk with my dog without discomfort to my foot. The session lifted my spirits mentally as well as aided in the healing process to my body.

Jenna made us all feel so comfortable and relaxed.  It was truly a wonderful experience and I look forward to my next session. 

-Georgianna T.

I had a reiki massage today with Jenna and she made me feel very welcome and relaxed. I had a great experience with my session and with her and definitely recommend!

-Gabrielle G.

My first crystal reiki teaching was an experience to remember. As soon as I walked into my session I automatically felt the need to take off my shoes because I felt that I was in a sacred space. We both sat Indian style on meditation pillows talking about the history of crystals and the effects on the body. Be aware that after your session your vibration may increase so high you may shock somebody. Thank you Jenna. 

-Mozes E.

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