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Your Quantum Healing & Soul Awakening Guide


Jenna is a trauma informed mentor with a passion for healing the wounded 'inner child' and past life patterns.

through her own personal healing journey and working with hundreds of men and women, jenna utilizes techniques in hypnosis, energy medicine, and intuition to help you unlock your personal power.


What is it like working with jenna?

"To say working with Jenna is life changing is an understatement.  I was interested in Rapid Transformation Therapy “RTT” in March 2023 and after our 1st call to explain the process she immediately put me at ease with her nurturing demeaner and openness to answer all my questions.   I booked the RTT before the call ended. During the session I felt safe and supported by Jenna and was able to open up and be honest for the first time in 40 years.  From that session we worked weekly on my goals for a month. During those weekly sessions she provided me journal prompts, relaxation strategies, support in between our sessions and overall sense that I was not alone while working through my past.  I continue to work with Jenna on a monthly basis as she challenges me when old insecurities creep in.  She has gotten me on a path of healing and true happiness with myself for the first time in my life and I want to keep doing the work.  I recommend Jenna to anyone and everyone I meet as I think she really is transformational for those who work with her."


When you change your unconscious beliefs, everything around you begins to shift in your favor.
Within you, is the key to unleash your power and create the life you want and DESERVE...

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Fear always popped up when I envisioned hypnotherapy. Past life regressions? How many of us can really be someone famous who has past? My fear turned into curiosity and feeling more open to trust and try after happening upon Jenna's website. What a benefit this has been to my life. She is a true Spiritual Healer able to sense and guide you on your journey whatever that might be. Jenna was the catalyst facilitating my growth of getting past some blockages. Her techniques are Calming, Gentle, Soothing, with a dusting of Mind blowing Wow factor. The list can go on. You feel safe and assured to learn something new about yourself and are given the guidance and tools to continue on your journey. Jenna is very supportive of her clients following up , checking in on you to see if anything else came up after your sessions. Needless to say I tried it all. Hypnotherapy, Past life regression, and Reiki with Jenna ending in great results and aspiration towards my future goals. She helped me to better understand myself and get out of my own way. And no I was not anyone famous in a past life I was me. Thank You Jenna such an honor to have you be a part of my journey of self discovery.
-Tina T.

I had my very first Rapid Transformation Hypnosis session with Jenna today. Whoa! What a deep release I had during my session with her. And I’m not one to be able to even meditate nonetheless get hypnotized, but Jenna uses the newest and latest techniques and it is super powerful. She got me! It was such an intense experience. She tapped into and figured out root causes of why I am the way I am and together, we said goodbye to lots of negative things from my past. I recommend her 110%. She is a true healer and makes you feel so comfortable in her presence. Thank you again Jenna. I’m looking forward to new beginnings after our session.
-Sue M.

I am completely blown away by my session with Jenna. I have been doing alot of self healing and I wanted to take it a step further by doing a past life regression therapy. I wanted someone local and I knew as soon as I came across Jenna at a recent expo that she was the one. I went into the session with no expectations and I couldn't believe how emotionally healing my experience was. I can't wait to see how this amazing soul helps me transform into the woman I know is tucked away inside of me. If you have been looking for someone to help you identify your blockages, then look no further... book your session with Jenna you will be happy you did.❤

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